Iceland Waterpark

Al Ain Waterpark
November 22, 2016
Dubai Dolphinarium
November 22, 2016

Iceland Waterpark

Tour Name Iceland Waterpark
Duration Day3>
Availability Daily
Location RAK3>
Dress Code Casual / swim wear
Cost On Request
Iceland waterpark covers a massive area and hence has a huge number of rides to choose from.
Whether you have small children or are with a bunch of adults, the waterpark should suit all tastes. There are plenty of adrenaline filled high rides and stomach churning tubes and half-pipe type rides. There is also a plunge pool where, if you dare, you can jump from a height into a deep pool of water!

Of course there is the obligatory lazy river which looks to be quite small but when you are actually on it the ride winds it’s way around a large part of the park and you can be on it for a fair amount of time before you get back to where you started from. Included in the lazy river is a portion that goes into a cave with pseudo-stalactites which will be nice in the summer when the weather is heating up outside.

For those who can’t go on the fast rides (like me!) because they make you feel ill, there are some more gentler rides that you can do – from the long, multi-person slide which you will stop on if you don’t get enough momentum (tip – just make sure the front of the sled thing is pulled up in front of you to go quicker and you don’t stop!), to straight and gentle slides, the fun bucket and large shallow water area, to the wave pool and lazy river, there is plenty to keep you occupied.
The huge kids area is probably bigger than any of the ones at the other waterparks (Wild Wadi, Aquaventure at Atlantis and Dreamland Aquapark) so the kids will not feel left out.
Not to mention the full sized water football pitch in the middle of the park where you can play football whist being covered with sprays of water! Not great for making the ball move along the ground but fun and different all the same!

One thing that Iceland Waterpark has that is different to the other waterparks in the Dubai area is a coral reef attraction. Most of the reef is manmade but there are real fish and the attraction is a seawater one and so gives a genuine feel to it. You get given flippers, snorkel and mask so that you can swim through the reef and see the fish and coral that are under the surface.