Ferrari World

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Ferrari World

Tour Name Ferrari World
Duration Day3>
Availability Daily
Location Abu Dhabi
Dress Code Casual
Cost On Request

The world’s largest indoor theme park features a host of rides and attractions to create an unforgettable experience for every member of the family.

Guests of all ages experience every facet of the Ferrari story. Go behind the scenes, live the triumphs, feel the passion and surround yourself in the beauty of Italy.

Speed of Magic; Follow the adventures of a young boy through 4-D fantasy dreamscapes.
Made in Maranello; You’re the VIP, crossing the Ferrari gates in Maranello.
Paddock; It’s race day, and you have the exclusive Paddock passes.
The Racing Legends; The journey begins in the 1950’s.
Galleria Ferrari; Get up close and personal with the ultimate display of Ferrari cars.
Cinema Maranello; It began in Enzo’s determined young heart, chasing a dream – to be the fastest.
Driving with the Champion; Have you ever dreamed of sitting shotgun with a racing champion?
The Pit Wall; You call the shots as the Scuderia Ferrari team prepares for the upcoming race.
La Gara; Immerse yourself in the thrill of the race at ‘La Gara’.
V12; Journey into the heart of a 12-cylinder Ferrari 599 engine.
Kids; There is a world just for kids where the Ferrari magic comes to life. Junior Pilotas get behind the wheel, learn to drive and cruise through mini streets in Ferrari cars just their size.
Junior GT; Junior Pilotas learn how to keep it safe.
Junior Grand Prix; Junior Pilotas hone their racing skills.
Carousel; This is Ferrari’s version of the traditional carousel.
Junior Training Camp; Every little racer loves to play, no matter how old you are.
Bell’Italia; Enjoy a refreshing change of speed as you explore a miniature Italy.
Thrill; Craving G-Force? Put yourself in the race, take on the most challenging F1 courses and see what a Ferrari-charged adrenaline kick feels like at 240 km/hr, if you’re up to the challenge.
Formula Rossa; Blast away on the fastest roller coaster on the planet.
G-Force; At the heart of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi you’ll find the tower of speed.
Scuderia Challenge; Experience the ultimate state-of-the-art racing simulations.
Fiorano GT Challenge; The GT coasters are revving their engines and ready to race.

Pick up Time:  10:00 AM
Drop off Time:   5:00 PM
Pick & Drop and Tickets Including this Price
(Minimum 2 persons)